Professional Diving Services for Super Yachts



Diving Safety Assessment & Audit

Keep your Owner, Guests & Crew diving activities way above the ordinary (the others). Safety First!

Training: Technical, Recreational, Disabled, First Aid

Ultimate VIP training (on site, on board or at  partner diving centers) under top diving agencies: ANDI International, PADI & Dsat Tec, DDI, EFR & DAN Eu

Diving Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining, tracking & servicing your diving equipments as per top standards and latest regulations.

Diving World Wide Babylon

With over 50 countries where I dove and many other more visited, I can cover 80% of the Oceans & Seas...

Professional Diving Insurances

Keep your diving crew covered for unexpected.

Diving PRO Club membership & Guidance

You need a temporary top trained diving crew - you have it!


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email: info [at] yachtdiver.ro

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Skype: bencosta73

Constantin Costa Benedic - T101.ro - OmnisMares.com - YachtDiver.ro

With over 25 years at sea from which 7 years on oil tankers & 18 years on cruise ships (luxury & charter - expedition) and private mega yachts (65, 82, 114 & 122m LOA) and over 14 years in the diving industry (recreational/technical, commercial, public safety)... with diving experience ranging from ultra-deep (-145m), wrecks & caves, ice & cold, drift & boat... I can cover and exceed any of your dreams...

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My motto:

Discipline, Travail, Success!

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YachtDiver Courses

PADI diving courses
Tec rEvolution PADI Dsat

Emergency Fii

DAN training

Wide range of Recreational diving courses available under the most well renown agency in the World:

Open Water Diver - your first step into the Blue,

Advanced Open Water Diver - extend your skills,

Rescue Diver - move to the next level of Diving Safety,

Master Scuba Diver - distinguish yourself from the crowd with good skills,

Divemaster - first step as dive leader & PRO,

Assistant Instructor - get ready to share you knowledge with others.

PADI Specialties - designed to enhance your skills in a specific type of diving or environment. Overall,  each diving specialty will make you a better and a safer diver. For YOU and for your buddies!

21 Specialties to cover almost all your possible needs:

- Technical Rescue Diver, OceanReef Integrated Diving Mask & UW Communications, Self Reliant Diver, Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver,

- Deep Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Oxygen Provider, UW Navigator Diver, UW Digital Photographer Diver, UW Vieographer Diver,

- Equipment Maintenance, Boat Diver, Drift Diver, Wreck Diver, Search & Recovery Diver, Ice Diver, Sidemounting Diver

- Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diver, AWARE Shark Conservation Diver, ScubaFit diver


Owner's kids want to enjoy the water but he is not sure how to do it?

Discover Scuba Diving (+10 years old) or Bubblemaker (+8 years old) or even Seal Team (+8 years old) if there are more kids!

FUN will be their nickname but SAFETY will be their middle name!


Example of diving specialties which can improve your safety on board:

- Self Reliant Diver (you'll learn how to plan your solo dive and even with a buddy, your margin of safety is well increased),

- OceanReef Integrated Diving Mask & UW Comms - have fun underwater and keep in contact with your buddy and your surface support,

- Enriched Air - to learn the advantages of using EANx in your diving (extended bottom time, shorter surface interval etc)

- Wreck Diver - explor your favourite wrecks in safe mode! ... and many other more!

Tec 40 - Tec 45 - Tec 50 are part of what is called "Tec Deep" and is a graduate introduction into the technical diving with limited decompression time using air, enriched air (nitrox) and oxygen.

Dsat Tec chart flow
PADI eLearning online courses

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have is to teach and to dive with persons with disabilities.

From Open Water up to Technical Diving, devending of level of dependability and resources.

DAN Basic Life Support
DAN First Aid
DAN Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
DAN Oxygen Provider for SCUBA diving Injuries

EFR or DAN (BSL & FA) are courses required for any professional diver but I strongly recommend them to any diver and non-diver!

Technical diving is your gate to EXPLORATION & SAFE DIVING!

Your diving adventures will go beyond the recreational limits, your skills & knowledge will go way beyond an ordinary diver!  

You'll learn about SafeAir (SafeAir Diver L1 & Complete SafeAir User L2) and start enjoying longer dives, with limited decompression

time and gases (SafeAir Decompression Diver L3 & Technical SafeAir Diver L3), you'll meet Ms & Mr. Tri-Mix (Technical Tri-Mix Diver L3) and your vision of diving will change.

You are just a step away for being able to dive with no limitations in depth, time and configuration: Normoxic Trimix Diver L4 to Exploration Trimix Diver L5.

Wreck training from basic to advanced level (ANDI SafeAir Wreck Diver L1, ANDI Technical Wreck Diver L2, ANDI Technical Trimix Wreck Diver L3 etc).

Small step at a time, long period of time in training but huge step ahead in your diving quality & safety!

Sport diving levels & technical levels available -

all levels, from beginner to instructor level!

Hyperbaric (aproved by IHMF) training available at request!

ANDI Europe

ANDI Instructor Trainer #170